A River Of Stones – 8th July

Three shorelines
ahead of me,
I know only from
lines on a page.


About weestonesinaburn

Scottish artist and small stone writer
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3 Responses to A River Of Stones – 8th July

  1. I’ve read this several times and on one level cannot fathom your meaning and one another can <i.exacty see what you see.

  2. sorry – meant ‘exactly’ of course!

  3. Hello Sandra,
    Sorry if this seems a bit cryptic, but it is a simple studio observation. I’m working on three coastline drawings for a collaboration with a poet, Norman Bissell. The small stone is just a reflection of creating a visual response from words using only memories and experiences, and Norrie’s poem on the page. Here is a link to the poem: http://www.douglasrobertson.co.uk/wordpress/?p=450

    Hope this helps!


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