Douglas Robertson

Douglas Robertson is a landscape Artist in the best sense of that description, committed to a fundamental exploration of the relationship of human beings to their natural environment.

Robertson’s work is steeped in poetry and oral tradition. But he makes use of folklore and poetry rather than illustrating it. Instead the references in his work become themselves part of a living folklore, a poetical visualisation which takes one closer to nature through it’s spirits.’

Murdo Macdonald’s quote in The Scotsman

Visit the artists website at:


2 Responses to Douglas Robertson

  1. kvennarad says:

    I am glad to have come across another Scot doing ‘Small Stones’.

    I never set out to write poetry inspired by works of art, but sometimes it turns out that way. I have written poems inspired by Scottish artists such as J D Ferguson (for a leaflet available at the Ferguson Gallery in Perth) and contemporary artists such as Tom Baron ( ), Ken Currie ( ), Reinhardt Behrens, and Lesley Haycock ( ). I’m just looking at your gallery and thinking I might find some inspiration there, if you have no objection.

    • Thank you for your comment, and I really enjoyed reading your small stones in Scots on your blog.
      I would be very happy if you used some of the work from my gallery or archive to create poetry. I have taken part in many collaborations with writers, and love the interaction between the two disciplines.
      let me know if you produce and post any new written works, and I’ll promote them on my website and Facebook page.



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